5 Ways Okikisola is Putting Africa on the Map


Africa has an impressive store of human and natural resources which Okikisola as a brand shows the world. Okikisola showcases African vendors and gives people in the diaspora the opportunity to shop and support African-owned businesses. The African beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries have a lot to offer in terms of quality and diversity and Okikisola has found ways of not just pushing these brands forward, but also putting Africa on the world map. What is Okikisola doing?

1.    We are increasing visibility for African Vendors

One of the major issues African vendors face is the limitation of not being able to push their brands forward in the global market. This has become a cause for concern as it stunts the growth of these brands. However, as a vendor on Okikisola, the problem of visibility has been completely taken care of. Buyers can visit the website at any time to check out various items and shop directly.

2.    We are breaching the gap between African vendors and shoppers in the diaspora

Regardless of where you are, you can shop from your favorite vendor on Okikisola. The gap between African vendors and shoppers outside Africa is being breached. We are a one-stop shopping center for buyers all over making shopping itself a delight for every customer by optimizing their shopping experience.

3.    We shine a light on the creativity of African vendors

There is so much to love about Africa. These creative vendors are given the exposure they deserve on Okikisola. Showcasing their works not just within their local communities or countries but to the entire world. Gracing various shoppers across the world with the rich culture and diversity contained in Africa.

4.   We provide a level playing field for African vendors

The rule of staying ahead in a competitive market is that everyone should be afforded a level field to play. As mentioned earlier, African brands have been limited in a number of ways. However, with the advancement of technology, the internet, and helpful e-commerce platforms like Okikisola, African vendors and products can compete on a global scale.

5.    We provide vendors the opportunity to collaborate and communicate better

Okikisola offers African brands the exposure that finally culminates into collaboration, thereby expanding the business opportunities they have access to.

Reminder: Africa is rich in talent and creativity. Also, fashion embodies the cultural diversity in Africa, and showcasing all of these to the world is the drive for Okikisola